What Obama’s Body Language says about his Presentation Skills

President Barack Obama, perhaps you love him, or perhaps you’re not a fan. One thing you cannot deny, is this man is highly charismatic and a truly masterful public speaker. If you are seeking to improve your presention skills and become a better public speaker, we at The Presentation Clinic recommend that as a training [...]

How to use a microphone

If you have to speak to a group of thirty or more audience members, you really should consider using a microphone. Whilst it is possible to project your voice adequately to a group of forty delegates and still be heard, the longer your presentation, the greater the strain will be on your vocal chords. Using [...]

How to design a presentation

“The scariest moment is always just before you start.” – Stephen King Designing a presentation can be daunting, and recently I fell into the all too familiar trap, staring at my computer screen, struggling to make sense of what I had created as I moved my slides around as I tried to rework an old [...]

The too often overlooked aspect of a presentation

You’re ready to go. You have a beautiful presentation. Your visuals are breathtaking. Your content is coherent. You feel you’ve got your body language under wraps. What could possibly go wrong? So often we witness presentations that could have been fantastic, but sadly miss the mark as the presenter forgets a crucial element of the [...]

Confidence alone does not a great presenter make

Sadly confidence does not a good public speaker make. In fact, being too confident can cause you to alienate your audience and prevent you from creating that vital connection. It struck us that this is a common misconception: confidence is the key ingredient to standing in front of an audience. This couldn’t be further from [...]

How to use body language to overcome speech anxiety when presenting to an audience

When standing in front of an audience, your body language is a crucial element in delivering your message effectively as a public speaker. And a nervous presenter can often be detected in the telltale signals that they display such as pacing, dancing or holding for dear life on to props such as a podium. So [...]

Lessons we learnt from TEDx 2015 – Multiple Presenters

The Presentation Clinic has worked with TEDx Cape Town to assist TEDx speakers to perform at their very best! TEDx is an initiative we are honoured to associate with. All participants work purely from an altruistic place of empowering the future movers and shakers to get their great ideas out there. It is such a [...]

Good body language means moving with purpose

How often do you observe a presenter pacing backwards and forwards during a presentation? Or dancing side to side? Swivelling on a heel or crossing and uncrossing one’s legs? Perhaps you too are guilty? And what is wrong with moving in a presentation? Surely standing in one spot is boring? Firstly this depends on the [...]

So you think you want a beautiful presentation?

At the Presentation Clinic, we design presentations for our clients. Many of our clients come to us requesting beautiful powerpoint presentations, which we can certainly assist you with. However, no matter how beautiful your presentation is, it is not going to assist if your message and the way in which you deliver it does not [...]

To move your audience, be believable!

How many times have you sat through a presentation where the speaker begins by stating how excited he / she is to share this information with you? And how many times have you observed that the words simply do not match the message? No matter how much effort we put into crafting our presentations, if [...]

How to time your presentation correctly

One of the biggest fears we have when presenting is that we are going to run out of time, or perhaps go over time and not be able to get our important takeaways across. And this is a very important consideration, although to finish early is a far safer as no one really likes long [...]