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At the Presentation Clinic, we design presentations for our clients. Many of our clients come to us requesting beautiful powerpoint presentations, which we can certainly assist you with. However, no matter how beautiful your presentation is, it is not going to assist if your message and the way in which you deliver it does not connect with your audience.

So what makes a good presentation?

If we use as an example, some of the very best speakers showcased do not use any visuals at all! So do you really need visuals, and how can you present in such a way as to make an impact?

When you ask us for assistance, we’re not going to necessarily suggest giving you what you want, but focus rather on what you need. And more often than not, the message is the most overlooked aspect of a presentation.

Have you got something to say? And is what you have to say different from everyone else? Is the information you are imparting speaking to your audience?

There is no formula for this work, but we will give you a secret here. Your super power when it comes to presenting is to use empathy! Understanding as much as you can about your audience and addressing their needs is going to separate you from everyone else who feels they have information to impart that will be automatically accepted by the audience.

The very last thing you should ever do, is design your slides. You may even find you do not need them!

Speak to us about crafting your presentation and helping you move your audience. For more information contact us and find out how we can transform your presentation style and help you get the results you need! International assistance offered.

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