Here are our most recent reviews from some of our awesome clients:


“I was faced with the task of presenting changes in the regulatory environment to members of the financial services sector. I had to deal with two main challenges:

    1. While the audience came from the financial services world, they were not lawyers and so the technical details and legal jargon of the new regulations could have been both confusing and daunting for them.
    2. Nerves.

We engaged the coaching services of the Presentation Clinic to help me address these issues. The Presentation Clinic had already been assisting us in presentation design and we felt that the understanding they had displayed of our industry would be beneficial to helping us in this case.

The experience proved to be very valuable. The coach helped me package the information in a way that was at once clear, logical, insightful and interesting. He also provided me with techniques to help me overcome my nerves and develop a good connection to my audience and these tools continue to service me to this day.

I highly recommend The Presentation Clinic; they know what they are doing and they are a pleasure to work with.”

Brenda – Compliance officer


“In search for a specialist team to present customized presentation skills training to an audience with various skill levels, we were delighted to come across the Presentation Clinic team. Our need for a course which could be delivered alongside internal training was easily met by the team as they were able to customize their offering precisely to our needs.

The audience to the presentation skills training varied in experience from university graduates with a few months’ work experience to consultants with 20+ years of presentation experience under their belt. The course met its objectives of providing useful insights for all the participants, and despite some trepidation about the value of such a course and the cost of calling in external training facilitators, it was agreed by all that the specialist knowledge of the Skill Clinic/ Presentation Clinic team was invaluable.

The lasting benefits of the training are still being reaped, as both myself and my colleagues put in practice the learnings of the training many months later.”

Derek – Consultant


“I recommend The Skills Clinic unreservedly for their professional and very helpful service. I recently had the privilege of receiving one on one coaching from Elaine as I prepared for the public launch of a new vehicle model. The opportunity to watch a recording of me speaking and the constructive feedback that I received was immensely helpful.

I will keep the lessons learned and I am confident that my presentation technique and skill will only improve going forward.”

Elvis – Product marketing manager


“I am a folk music singer-songwriter and was due to perform in my very first National Arts Festival in July 2016. I contacted the Skills Clinic at the last minute to ask for some help with my presentation skills. They responded immediately. Elaine very quickly reviewed my script and gave me detailed feedback. They also suggested that Michael come to my house for a two hour one on one coaching session. The session completely changed my outlook on performance. His comment that stood out for me was “you want the audience to think ‘wow, I didn’t expect real to show up today’”. That was exactly what I was aiming for and with the Skills Clinic’s help I think I came pretty close.

I can definitely recommend this service to any other singer-songwriters who are looking to take their performance up to the next level.”

Joanne – folk music singer-songwriter

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