Presentation Specialists with world class experience.

At The Presentation Clinic, we do not employ professional trainers, rather we employ professional business people with real life, practical experience garnered in a number of industries who are able to connect with your business and your content.

Each of our Presentation Specialists are accomplished strategists and professional speakers in their own right, with a wealth of skills and experience.

We are able to assist countrywide, and can also provide presentation skills coaching and strategy internationally using forums such as Skype and video conferencing.

Allow us to take your presentation to the next level with our expert team and innovative tools that will ensure you deliver worldclass presentations. Contact us if you have any questions.

Elaine Harman
presentation specalist

World Class Emcee & Motivational Speaker, TEDx Coach

Elaine Harman is a dynamic, high energy and popular facilitator and motivational speaker who conducts regular motivational speaking sessions for clients such as Allan Gray / Fundhouse.

Says Rob MacDonald of Fundhouse: “Elaine’s session on the Programme is always a highlight. Not only due to the highly engaging manner in which she runs the session, but also as it offers very practical tools and tips which the advisers are able to implement immediately, and help them overcome what until that point has seemed such an insurmountable obstacle. We will continue to use Elaine on our Programmes and strongly recommend her to others who are trying to solve the problem of not having enough time to get things done.”

Elaine Harman also acts as a Master of Ceremonies for large conferences and has emceed for international celebrities at televised events such as Graham Hancock, Dr. Robert Shlock and Dr Eduardo Luna.

Presentation Skills Coach  / Facilitator

Elaine is a director of The Skills Clinic (Pty) Ltd., a SETA accredited training provider, and is a highly experienced facilitator, assessor and course developer.  Not only does she have over 7 years of presentation skills facilitation training experience, but her varied corporate exposure in over seven corporate industries have provided her with meaningful insights into business which enable her to connect with the content with which you are presenting.

For the past two years, Elaine has acted as a speaker coach for TEDx Cape town and assisted five TEDx speakers including Ronak Golpados, Economist and head of country wide risk for RMB Bank.

Elaine not only consults as a Presentation Skills Coach, but is able to provide strategic assistance with your presentation using insights garnered from advertising business strategy.  Her focus is to ensure that your presentation is coherent and connects with your target audience.  Elaine is available to provide coaching at executive level and can consult on tendors, proposals and strategic communications.

Laura Russel
Speech Therapist and Presentation Skills Expert

Laura is a qualified speech-language therapist, TEDx Cape Town Speaker Coach, and lecturer for the Department of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences (University of Cape Town).

Laura has worked as speech-language therapist for more than a decade. She has extensive experience in the professional voice through her work with various call centres (servicing both domestic and international markets), where she trains agents on voice skills and accent modification. She consults to two large television companies, providing voice, accent and presentation skills training to their sports commentators. As a presentation specialist she delivers individualised training to any individual wanting to improve their accent, voice and communication skills.

Before training at a speech therapist, Laura completed a degree in psychology and worked for many years in the corporate sector as a PA and research administrator. Her experience in large corporates, combined with her professional training, allows her a unique understanding of the communication challenges faced in business.

 Presentation Skills Coach  / Facilitator

Laura is a highly experienced trainer and facilitator, and is equally comfortable with training large groups as with one-on-one sessions. She has a deep understanding both of the psychology of communication as well as the practicalities, and her empathic approach has helped many a nervous speaker to overcome their fears.

Laura has acted as a speaker coach for TEDx Cape town for the past 2 years, and has developed a module specifically for TEdx on using your voice to help your talk come alive.

Laura is registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA), an organisation overseeing health professionals in South Africa.

Erich Viedge

Speaker and Innovation Guru, Strategist, Comedian

Fresh from a career in advertising, Erich started his first business at the age of 25. Not even two years later, he had won an award in journalism.

Not content with running his own successful business, Erich started running workshops to help service businesses position themselves better in their respective markets. It wasn’t long before clients started booking him for strategy sessions.

Following his love of teaching and learning, he joined Toastmasters International, and within just seven years was elected head of the organization in 9 countries. 

He is one of South Africa’s foremost media trainers and presentation specialists; He has coached many successful speakers, including at least one Southern African public speaking champion. Erich is up-to-date with the latest technology, having hosted a successful digital marketing podcast for two years.

Erich has consulted to public relations and advertising agencies, IT businesses such as Microsoft and HP; he has done strategy sessions for Absa, trained customer empathy at Nedbank, improved profitability at Aveng Manufacturing — and even helped the Gauteng Cricket Board. There’s hardly an industry he hasn’t touched in his 25+ years of experience.

Through his work with the Skills Clinic, Erich helps corporate presenters and sales people land the deal, make the sale, or raise the finance. We combine lessons from advertising, psychology, leadership and persuasion, combined with brilliant slide design.

Presentation Skills Coach  / Facilitator

A master coach and salesperson in his own right, Erich loves sharing his deep knowledge of presentations, rhetoric and strategy to help clients make a message that sticks. And he constantly refines his ability to connect with audiences doing public presentations and stand-up comedy.

We are fortunate to have Erich on board with his expertise as a presentation coach and business strategist with multi industry experience.

Erich is also a course developer for the Skills Clinic. He speaks five of South Africa’s official languages, as well as French, German and Spanish. He is married, with three children and lives in Johannesburg.

Simon Anderson

Business accelerator, Strategist, Innovator

Beginning with the early days of Internet Solutions in 1994 Simon has amassed over 20 years of experience in the online marketing & strategy space and has used these skills with companies such as Cell C, Nedbank, Hollard Insurance, VWV, University of The Western Cape & Internet Solutions. Key to Simon’s work with these companies is an ability to convey new ideas powerfully and persuasively.

Through his work with the Skills Clinic, Simon can assist your team to do just that for your projects. A deep understanding of human psychology and a honed emotional intelligence makes him able to coach you in crafting a presentation enabling a deep and powerful connection with your audience.

In some cases, audience connection is not enough, sometimes the intention is to pitch an idea or product.  The pitch has a somewhat different set of rules and requires a specific strategy moving toward a desired outcome. Here Simon’s knowledge of pitch psychology and power dynamics allow you to touch key triggers in order to be more successful in winning the account, making the sale or raising finance.

Simon was an entrepreneur who founded 2 business in the Internet Marketing arena and after his success in these businesses, has moved away from the corporate space into a consulting role.

Presentation Skills Coach  / Facilitator

Simon is a masterful presentation designer who focuses on creating a coherent message that will serve your presentation objective.  An experienced public speaker and course facilitator, Simon brings not only his expertise as a presentation coach, but as a business strategist with multi industry experience.

Simon is also a course developer and consults in a strategic capacity.  Simon’s strengths include superior people’s skills, communication excellence and a passion to assist individuals of all levels in achieving their full potential.

Based in Cape Town, Simon is available to travel and can also assist internationally via Skype.

CALL: 087 012 5487