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Do you need to stand up and deliver like a professional? Perhaps you are suffering from speech anxiety? Nothing beats some personal and professional presentation coaching to go from good to great!
Presentation Coaching Overview

With our one-on-one coaching, we will work with you personally to achieve dramatic results in just a few hours.

We will help you unlock your unique presentation style and achieve your full potential by making the most of your personality & strengths. We will also help you overcome your particular weaknesses with techniques, exercises and tricks tailored to your exact needs.

We offer digital consultations internationally with top presentation and communications facilitators and strategists.

Our coaches will help you:

  • Build your confidence and find your inner strength
  • Connect with your audience using psychology
  • Learn to captivate, persuade and be memorable
  • Craft your specific message so that your audience connects and is moved to action
  • Interact with your audience effectively
  • Learn to craft your presentation slides for maximum visual impact to enhance your message, not distract from it

We have a wide range of experience helping people from all walks of life present for all types of requirements. We have coached our clients to present for business pitches, boardroom presentations, panel and job interviews, motivational speeches, sales, national and international conventions and even televised events.

Presentation Coaching Format
Specific Presentation Assistance
  • We will help you plan, design and present that all-important presentation!
  • Pitches, conferences, sales and marketing, strategies, and other special requirements assistance
  • Coaching takes place at your premises or one of our venues in Johannesburg or Cape town or remotely via Skype
  • We are happy to sign an NDA for any sensitive material


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Presentation Skills General
  • Targeted sessions to help you become a better overall presenter
  • Areas of focus include overcoming anxiety, body language, connection to audience, effective design and more
  • Expert personalised feedback and video material provided


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“I recommend The Presentation Clinic unreservedly for their professional and very helpful service. I recently had the privilege of receiving one on one coaching from them as I prepared for the public launch of a new vehicle model. The opportunity to watch a recording of me speaking and the constructive feedback that I received was immensely helpful. I will keep the lessons learned and I am confident that my presentation technique and skill will only improve going forward..”

Elvis, Iveco

We work with you individually to help you identify and leverage your personal strengths and help mitigate or overcome your weaknesses.  We will develop the best possible openings, closings, slide designs, habits, key points and much more to suit your particular style and message.


The Presentation Clinic combines psychology, neuroscience, NLP, coaching, advertising and the latest presentation science to equip delegates with powerful tools and techniques to captivate and motivate every potential audience.

“It went much better than I could have hoped, I really don’t think I would be feeling this great if I hadn’t done sessions with The Presentation Clinic”

Catherine, Private

Our coaches have a wide range of experience having worked and studied in several fields including psychology, counseling, marketing & advertising, insurance, the automotive industry, banking, risk management, engineering, professional communications, education, strategic consulting, project management and software development. They have provided one-on-one coaching services to people ranging from company board members to university students.

Please note: our coaching services are currently only available in Johannesburg and Pretoria, unless by special request

“This presentation skills coaching is an eye opener and is so valuable to us working in African conservation where donors play a major role in funding.”

Dines, South African National Parks

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