Our clients and Partners

Our clients and Partners

Learn how to present with our online business presentation course

Learn how to present with our online business presentation course

Achieve your presentation objectives with confidence and move people to action!

Business Presentations that shine

Learn how to present with our online business presentation course



Regardless of the format of your interaction or audience size, we will equip you to craft confident, impactful and coherent messaging that will captivate your audience.



Our professional facilitators will equip you with tools taken from psychology, advertising and neuroscience to ensure you make a lasting impression and establish credibility.



Craft presentations that sell. With the right skills you can close every deal with a professional presentation. Our course is perfect for sales people looking to take their pitch to the next level.

Customised Services

Customised Services

Customised services:

  • Pitching / Marketing Presentations
  • Strategic messaging assistance
  • Roadshows, Product Launches
  • Public Engagements & Conferences
  • TEDx Coaching
  • (Emcee) Programme Director & Panel Facilitation
  • Speech writing & review
  • Visual media design training and assessment
  • Short speaking sessions /custom interventions

A Different Approach

Why we need a different approach to presentations

We believe in interactive presentations where the presenter forms a relationship with the audience. By using psychology to understand your audience, and crafting visual media that will enhance your messaging – not distract from it – you can deliver interactive and impactful presentations.

Our facilitators are professional business people and strategists with real world experience who can offer meaningful insights to assist you in articulating your messaging.

We not only equip you to deliver your message with confidence, but also ensure that you craft a message that will be received and remembered!



Create interactive experiences and deploy multimedia confidently to influence and engage all types of audience members.


  • The Presentation Clinic assisted our department to strategically align our presentation messaging and empowered our team to deliver engaging and impact driven presentations that achieve our objectives whilst building meaningful audience relationships.   We have noticed a commendable improvement in our team's presentations with increased clarity, purpose, refined delivery and high levels of confidence. We derived huge value in sourcing the services of this highly skilled and supportive team from The Presentation Clinic who align with our values and share our passion for excellence and integrity."

    Aletta van Tromp Auditor-General South Africa - Business Unit Leader
  • I want to commend Elaine and the Skills Clinic team for putting together such an informative and well-structured course! The team ensured that fun, interactive and practical elements were integrated into the online training intervention we received to ensure that my colleagues and I could reach our professional goals!

    Tshego Moagi Hartmann Group - HR Officer
online presentation training

Presentation Training Courses

We offer customised interventions for corporate groups and discounted rates based on group size. We will always customise our training to your specific requirement.

For individuals and small groups we invite you to attend our regular public courses.

Our training is practical and includes an opportunity to present in a simulated environment in order to overcome speech anxiety and implement the new skills you have acquired. High levels of facilitator interaction and input are provided in addition to a video of your assessment and comprehensive course material.

We have been offering online training to international clients and TEDx speakers for over 8 years and are equipped to assist you whether you are presenting face to face or to an online audience.

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